5 Heavenly Sponge Cakes You Need to See

At first glance, it’s hard to tell whether these gorgeous spongy confections from MROBIN Cakes are real or faux. They look like they’ve been reversed with the inside-out, and they’re super chic and artsy. But, trust me, these pretty cakes are 100% edible. So how exactly does owner of MROBIN Cakes, Marcella Robin, do it? She uses “jaconde” which is a decorative exterior sponge. “Unlike frosting, your design is not applied to the cake but baked into the exterior sponge for a smooth and thoroughly unique looking finish,” Marcella explains. In addition, her cakes are more like tortes–so expect heavenly sponge cakes layered with creams, custards and mousses. And, although her shop is located in Oregon she’s willing to deliver to Canada. Trust us, Marcella is no stranger to our home and native land as she graduated from the Professional Pastry and Bread program at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver in British Columbia. Couple that with her bachelor’s degree in sculpture, it’s no wonder this talented artiste can create such exquisite works of edible art.