Why Say I Do Is The Show We All Need To Watch Now

The stars of Netflix new wedding show Say I Do: interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen and chef Gabriele Bertaccini.

If you are missing summer weddings (including your own perhaps!) Netflix has just dropped the feel-good show of the season that will give you all the loved-up vibes. Say I Do is an eight-episode series that follows the stories of eight couples who have overcome life’s many obstacles and celebrate their love with surprise dream weddings planned by the show’s fabulous trio of stars: fashion designer Thai Nguyen, event designer Jeremiah Brent and chef Gabriele Bertaccini.

Say I Do is brought to you by the producers of Queer Eye, so if you are a fan, this will be your next binge obsession guaranteed! We recently chatted with chef Gabriele by phone—who was at home in California—about the show, his role as Say I Do‘s wedding food guru and why wedding food is one of the most exciting and creative parts of wedding planning.

This show is our current obsession! How much fun did you guys have filming it?
“It was such a beautiful experience to be a part of. All of our couples were so incredible and had such deeply personal stories it was amazing to be a part of. Each celebration was so different and unique which gave Thai, Jeremiah and I a change to really tap into our creative sides to bring these incredible weddings to life.”

Everyone remembers the food scene at a wedding. How did you personalize and elevate that experience with couples on the show?
“Food and drink are absolutely one of the most important components of a wedding! Food tells a story and what your chose to serve at your celebration tells your story. What you love, where you come from. It is a true expression of who you are that you share with your guests. My job on the show was to bring a food and beverage experience to life for our couples; to be an architect and design a perfect menu that reflects personalities, favourite dishes and wedding style. There is still a bit of a stigma that exists about wedding food and how it is not interesting or inspiring. I think we demonstrate that is absolutely not the case anymore over the course of the show!”

What do you see being the current trend in wedding menus?
“Obviously we have moved into a new era of wedding planning where parties are not large, and things are scaled back in terms of the grandness of celebrations. Food and menus are also changing to reflect this. Everyone is looking for things that bring comfort at this time, so menus are about feeding the soul and bringing warmth and feelings of love and security. Menus are becoming a little less grandiose and more simplified and food presentation is too. I personally love this new vibe because it is so intimate and personal.”

Do you have a favourite episode of Say I Do?
“That is literally impossible for me to answer! I love them all for different reasons and all our couples and their stories are so wonderful. Jeremiah, Thai and I also had our personal moments on the show telling our own stories and challenges we have faced in life which is incredibly powerful. The three of us didn’t know each other before filming and we instantly clicked from day one. I think we create a great balance of characters on the show.”

Say I Do really is the watch we all need right now!  
“Love moves us all and we all want to be loved and know it feels good to be loved. Our show delivers all these feel-good feelings at a time the world really needs it.”

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