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Why Every Newlywed Home Needs Great Dinnerware

  |  By Alison McGill

All photos courtesy of Fable.

Having a home stocked with stylish décor and entertaining essentials has taken on even greater importance in 2020 and the nest will continue to be a huge trend for years to come as we have all adapted to eating out less and embracing cooking and entertaining more.

We have long been obsessed with great dinnerware and our latest love is Fable, a Vancouver-based brand of sleek everyday basics that is made in Portugal by artisans who use recycled ceramic pieces and clay that is locally sourced. Fable has dinnerware and flatware and their minimalist vibe collections are timeless (all pieces are available in white and newly launched blush). “How Fable came to be is an interesting story, says Joe Parenteau, company CEO and co-founder. “It started with something that I was looking for as a gift for my mom a few Christmases ago. I wanted to find something that was modern but organically shaped. Something that had an artisan feel to it. After searching all over Vancouver, there really weren’t any options that checked all of my boxes. I ended up settling for a collection from a big box store. When I gave them to my mom for Christmas, the dinner plates didn’t even fit in her standard sized cupboards. It was at that point when I felt most inspired to create a better experience.”

We spoke to Paranteau about what you need to stock your home with to be a great entertainer, the best go-to dishes to serve up and what his ultimate dinner party guest line up would look like.

Why is great dinnerware essential to a home?
“Some of my favourite memories at home were formed around the dinner table: sharing stories of my day with my family or hosting a friend who I hadn’t seen in years. I believe the pieces and articles of your home that accompany these meals, like dinnerware, make these moments extra special.”

What do you recommend as must-have pieces for your tabletop collection, as in what are the basic items you need to start with and then build out from there?
“I always like to start from the center and build my way out. Depending on the time of year or the occasion I focus on having ceramics that will help show off the food and match the season. Having dinner plates and pasta bowls are always staples in every meal I host. I also love to have great flatware that is well weighted. Other than the basics of ceramics and cutlery, I personally am a fan of wine decanters and how they give an extra special pop to a dinner table.”

How can you change the vibe with your everyday tableware? Take if from casual to elevated?
“I'm a fan of adjusting the simple things and not overdoing it. Less is more works best in a lot of cases. I like to add a different textile for a napkin, introduce some nice wine glasses, or just play around with a different set of ceramics for different occasions.”

Do you have a favourite dish you love to serve at home for your family or when you entertain?
“I do and it also seems to change with the seasons. Lately, when I’m at home with my family I love to whip up a couple of Greek dishes. Some of my staples are Erin Ireland’s lemon roasted potatoes, hummus, grilled eggplant and a fresh Greek salad. Like everybody else, I haven’t been entertaining a lot recently, but in 2019 when we were having friends over, we were eating a lot of handmade pasta and drinking a lot of Barbera d’Asti. I look forward to getting back to hosting guests in the future.”

Who would be your four dream dinner party guests and why?
“Great question and a tough one! It would be quite a mashup of people. First, I'm a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan, so he would have to be there. Second, I would love to have David Chang. Honestly, I hope he would cook for us and share his tips. Third pick would have to go to Vijay Singh because I grew up watching him and I hope he could fix my swing. Finally, I would pick Taylor Swift. I’m a (not so) secret huge fan, and my partner would never forgive me if Taylor wasn’t on the list.”


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