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Why Colour Is the Biggest Trend In Wedding Flowers

  |  By Krystal Young
Photography by Kendra Ruth. Bouquet by Snowberry Botanicals.

Colour! It’s one of the most critical factors in creating the overall mood and feel of your wedding day. Some of us love a bold and juicy palette, while others tend to gravitate towards classic white and green. Whatever your colour preferences may be, it’s important to listen to your florist and décor specialists to help you determine the perfect palette for you.

As floral and design pros, we are trained to see colour in a different way. We may notice fun, contrasting colours seen elsewhere throughout your wedding decor that may not be reflected in the florals. An example of this may be your jewelry, stationary or wedding attire. Perhaps you have chosen to go with an emerald heirloom bracelet and earrings or blue wedding shoes. There are so many ways to incorporate those accent colours into the florals to really enhance the dazzle of the jewellery and uniqueness of your chosen attire with subtle pops of these hues throughout the overall design.

Create Unique & Unusual Colour Combos Often when sit down to talk about wedding flowers, I find my clients will say they would like a pallet in a combination of two or three colours. For example, blush and burgundy; whites and greens; pinks, peaches and creams. While it’s nice to have a good starting base with a few strong foundational colours, it’s also integral to have a wide range of colours to accent this palette. Let’s take the ever-popular, all white and green scheme as a starting point. If you look closely, most florals have a yellow or dark brown-black center. This is a good starting point to naturally add colour. By enhancing the organic contrasting colours already seen in the florals themselves, we are able to create depth and interest amongst the florals by complimenting what they are already displaying in nature. Perhaps creamy buttery pops of mustard and tan florals to sit amongst the whites and ivory. Or a racy pop of black? All ways to keep neutral and subtle by adding to the classic white and green. The more definition you create against the colours in the bouquets and arrangements, the better they will photograph.

Photography by Branden Joel. Flowers by Snowberry Botanicals.

Rely On Your Florist To Guide Your Colour Selections Often the bridesmaid dresses are a main anchor for the floral colour scheme. While it is important to keep the fabric colours in mind, contrast is also a key thing to remember. Complimentary and analogous colour schemes are fun ways to accentuate the bridal party. Consider adding ribbons to lend colour as well as the florals.

While Pinterest inspires us a plethora of amazing ideas when it comes to colour mixing, remember we as your wedding florist want to do our best to really make it feel personal to you and your style. Colours chosen based on what YOUR vibe for your big day. Focus on seasonally inspired blooms and they will help to organically direct the colour palette. Flowers come in hundreds maybe even thousands of colours and with preserved and dried product being tinted in fun ways, the possibilities today are truly endless.

The take away here? Please meet your florist with an open mind about your wedding flowers. We want to make sure that you receive custom floral work which is a true reflection of you and your partner. That is the best way to stay timeless. Years down the road, that colour scheme will be yours and yours alone.

Krystal Young is a WPIC certified wedding planner and the owner of Snowberry Botanicals. She has been in the business floral design for seven years and credits her love of florals to growing up in the country and to her parents, both who are avid gardeners. Sustainability is hugely important to her and her business and she works with local products and farmers whenever possible.

This article was originally published on May 18, 2020

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