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I can’t tell how excited I am to share with you one of the most awesome candy vendors I’ve had the pleasure of speaking/working with–The Candy Store. As you all know our big 25th anniversary party is coming up this Thursday (exciting!). Everything has been coming along quite fabulously (we can hardly wait to share with you some of the most amazing details). One interesting tidbit that I can share with you is our plans for an amazing candy bar/candy buffet. We’re huge fans of anything sweet and thought it would only be fitting to include an idea nearest and dearest to our hearts.

Anywho, we’ve been working with The Candy Store–and they’ve been nothing short of spectacular in helping us gather together some delicious goodies (imported internationally!) in our own colour swatches. I recently spoke to the owner, Diane Lenihan, who gave me insight into the types of services/items that they feature at The Candy Store. Topping their list for their two most popular candies are their malt balls (which come in 27 different flavours and colours) and chocolate candy almonds (also available in a variety of shades and flavours). The pros at this sweet store are also masters at creating unique set-ups for you (similar to their window display). Anywho, if you do happen to be in Ottawa or are looking for something different and tasty (they can ship across Canada) I highly recommend checking out The Candy Store–you won’t be disappointed.

P.s. Did I mention that they also have yummy macarons and cupcakes in shop?

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