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What Your Wedding Florist Needs To Know To Design Your Dream Florals

  |  By Ashley Plainos

Photography courtesy of Amy Cheshire Photography. All floral design by Ashton Creative.

Flowers are a quintessential part of your wedding day décor, providing a beautiful focal point and elevating the overall setting of your day. Working with your floral designer is an exciting part of the planning process and one that many people look forward to.

Coming to your consultation prepared to make decisions about the following elements will help your floral design your dream wedding flowers.  

Colour Scheme & Style
Florals are usually a major component in achieving your wedding’s colour scheme and style. Flowers come in literally every colour of the rainbow, so the options are endless! Try to decide on, or at least narrow down, your preferred colour scheme and style before you speak with your florist. They will make appropriate suggestions for flower varieties to use based on available colours and how they look when arranged together.
If you aren’t 100% sure what you want your complete colour palette or style to be yet, think more broadly in terms of your overall preferences. Are you drawn to soft pastel tones, do you or prefer bolder, more vibrant colours? Do you like tighter, rounder shapes for arrangements or do you prefer a more organic, looser style? Narrowing down these preferences will help your florist make suggestions until you find the perfect scheme and style.  

Photography courtesy of Mango Studios.

Elements & Quantities
Every wedding design requires different elements and quantities. Whether you are hosting a smaller more intimate wedding or a big blow out party, your floral designer will need an idea of the types of arrangements you are interested in and approximately how many you need. Consider how many bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages you need for the bridal party and family, and how you would envision the ceremony and reception spaces. Don’t worry about exactly how many centerpieces you need, as florists understand that a confirmed number won’t be known until much closer to the wedding date. We will work off your proposed guest count to start and break down costs from there.

Photography courtesy of Purple Tree Photography.

Ideal Budget
Your budget goes hand in hand with your floral elements and quantities and is perhaps the most important information a floral designer needs from you. We work to balance style, colour palette and overall aesthetic with the client’s target budget and strive to fit all of their wants into the design proposal. Since the types of flowers you use are the main driver of costs, your florist can guide you in choosing flowers that fit your budget and look the way you want. Let your florist know what you are comfortable spending on your florals so they can make the best suggestions for you.

Ashley Plainos is the owner and lead designer of Ashton Creative Floral Design and has been designing custom wedding florals for over 10 years. Channeling a romantic and feminine aesthetic she’s designed florals for some of Toronto’s most beautiful event spaces. Her work has been published numerous times in some of Canada’s top wedding publications.


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