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What Is A Pop-Up Wedding?

  |  By Alison McGill
What Is A Pop-Up Wedding?

Pop-Up Chapel Co. wedding by Love By Lynzie. Photography by Alicia Thurston Photography.

You have likely heard of pop-up chapels and weddings but may not know exactly what this type of event entails. Pop-ups are a great option for 2020 if you are looking to have an intimate and fuss-free wedding day with all the fun and trimmings of an incredible party. The great thing about a pop-up is all the work is done for you and it requires very little energy and thinking on your part—your pop-up wedding team does it all for you!

We spoke to two women who are rocking the pop-up wedding business—Lynzie Kent of Love By Lynzie and Bryn Armstrong of Primp and Pop Event Co.—to learn more about what pop ups are all about and who they are a perfect fit for.

Can you explain a pop up wedding and what is included with your events? Lyzie Kent: At The Pop-Up Chapel Co., each chapel spot includes the venue and decor, a ceremony performed by a legal officiant, Personal flowers for the couple, photography and live music, A wedding planning team, a cocktail reception with a toast and light bites, and the ability to bring up to 20 guests. Plus, $300 from the sale of every chapel spot goes to charity. Aside from this, we have add ons that allow our couples to personalize their chapel experience and we usually have lots of surprises for our couples too! We've been running The Pop-Up Chapel Co. for four years now and in that time,  we've married over 100 couples, raised over $36,000 for local charities and we're expanding across Canada and into the States. After seeing the immense waste that the event industry creates and seeing the gap in the market between city hall and a lavish wedding, I really just wanted to create something that spoke to the millennial and Gen Z market who have changing values—they want to invest in a company they can ethically stand behind and they want seamless experiences that align with larger life goals. To me, chapel answers that and I am thrilled and excited to be at the forefront of this evolution in wedding planning.”

Bryn Armstrong: “Our Pop-Up wedding is a styled, designed and planned day where a number of couples say their vows in short, intimate ceremonies, at different times. It’s a prearranged, all-inclusive ceremony package. Our team creates a beautiful ceremony space, handles the logistics, and pulls together the team of vendors, so that all the couple has to do is book a time and show up.  Each POP-UP day is uniquely different, using inspiration from the season, time of year, venue, and industry trends.  Our POP-UP package includes: Email and phone correspondence with our planning team. A detailed itinerary, arrival through to departure. An onsite team to manage all the important components and details. Styled ceremony space and guest seating. A bouquet & boutonniere (or two of the same). A personalized ceremony by our officiant, ceremony music and a toasting beverage. A total of 90-minutes of photography with 30+ edited high-resolution photos to follow."

What Is A Pop-Up Wedding? POP-UP wedding by Primp and Pop Event Co. Photography by Erica Miller.

How many guests at a pop-up wedding? Bryn Armstrong: “We have a 20-guest maximum at our POP-UP weddings. This includes children over two, the couple's witnesses, and anyone they choose to have stand up with them."

Lyznzie Kent: “The package includes 20 and you are able to add on up to 10 more. Our mission has always been dedicated to intimate experiences, so we endeavour to keep it small. We are also now offering live streaming so unlimited number of guests can tune into your ceremony virtually.”

What Is A Pop-Up Wedding? Pop-Up Chapel Co. wedding by Love By Lynzie. Photography by Mango Studios.

How many weddings would you do in a day at a pop up? Bryn Armstrong: “Our typical formula for a POP-UP day has five exclusive ceremony times.”

Lynzie Kent: “We are able to marry up to 10 couples a day, but we have been known to squeeze in 11!”

What Is A Pop-Up Wedding? Pop-Up Chapel Co. wedding by Love By Lynzie. Photography by Wade Muir.

Why are they a fun option for couples, especially in light of today's climate. Lynzie Kent: “COVID or not, chapel weddings are beyond special. I promise you, there is an energy in the room unlike anything I've experienced in my decade as a wedding planner. I cry at least three times every chapel we run. Aside from being intimate and joyful, getting married with us is insanely simple. You literally book and purchase your spot, grab your marriage license and show up to your wedding. We change up the decor every single chapel and the couples don't know what the theme will be so there is a real spontaneous thrill to it too. Plus, there is so much positivity knowing that they chapels are sustainable (10 couples sharing less waste than one couple would normally create), incredibly diverse and inclusive, and that you are participating in an event concept that gives back to your community.”

Bryn Armstrong: “Pop up weddings are trending around the world, in response to couples who are looking for a more affordable way to get married, without compromising on the quality and overall aesthetic of their day. They are stylish, budget friendly and low stress. They take the pressure off couples who don’t have the time or desire to plan a larger, more traditional wedding but still want to honour their vows with a handful of their nearest and dearest.”

What Is A Pop-Up Wedding? POP-UP wedding by Primp and Pop Event Co. Photography by Rowell Photography.

How many do you have scheduled for 2020? Bryn Armstrong: “We have three pop-up dates currently on our calendar for 2020 and we love working in the Muskoka region of Ontario, so we have locations booked in Sparrow Lake, Orillia and Windermere, with an additional late fall and/or early winter in the works!”

Lynzie Kent: “We've got seven booked for Toronto with locations including Evergreen Brickworks and the Globe and Mail Centre, one booked for Ottawa and one for New York City. Before COVID, we were committed to marrying over 100 couples in 2020. I'm hoping we can still get close!”

This article was originally published on Aug 18, 2020

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