The Top Wedding Tech Innovations Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier


While technology may have complicated a number of aspects of our lives, when it comes to wedding planning it’s definitely a godsend.

Brides have relied heavily on wedding websites, Facebook group messages and shared Google Docs to keep guests, vendors and their wedding parties organized for years, but these days wedding tech has evolved to include everything from crowd-sourced playlists to seating arrangement software.

Wedding tech can also help you preserve memories of a day that will undoubtedly flash by in what seems like an instant. Wedding hashtags can help you easily gather photos and sentiments published throughout the day while video guestbooks provide a fun paperless way for your guests to send well-wishes (you could even edit your favourite messages together and share them on YouTube or your wedding website!)

Read on to see the top wedding tech innovations guaranteed to take the stress out of the planning process and leave you with even more lasting memories of your big day.

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