The Most Delightful Wedding Quotes to Use on Your Big Day


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes words can inspire even beyond a photograph. Using words to add even more love to your wedding is easy, and also helps blazon your theme and set the mood.

A starting point for choosing which wedding quotes or phrases to display at your celebration is to first find one that matches your motif. If you’re having a sugary wedding with lots of treats and sweets, opting for a “love is sweet” phrase might be a good place to start. If your wedding soiree is going to be candlelit, maybe you’ll opt for a “perfect match” theme, handing out books of matches embellished with the words “A Match Made in Heaven.” Or, if you’re having a joint outdoor ceremony and reception like the one above, DIY wooden signs directing your guests where to go might be the perfect rustic touch.

You may also want to incorporate your favourite love quotes in your wedding — you could write them on a mirror, print them on table numbers or even have photo frames of wedding quotes scattered throughout the reception. Whether you choose one of the phrases below or come up with your own witty one-liner, we guarantee your guests will wish they thought of it first!

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