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Great photography is a wedding essential and, let’s face it, these days couples count on guests for cool coverage almost as much as they rely on their pro wedding photographers. The reason? These two sets of pictures serve totally different purposes. While pros are employed to capture the artistic images that will fill Facebook albums and live on mantles for years to come, friends and family are typically called upon to document the event as it’s happening, populating the day’s hashtag with gorgeous FOMO-inducing images that will present the celebration in the best possible light.

Thankfully, it’s never been easier for amateur photographers to capture beautiful photos. iPhone users now have access to a whole new suite of tools perfect for snapping flawless wedding shots.

With the introduction of iPhone 7 Plus came portrait mode (allowing the shooter to focus on the subject and blur the background) and 12 megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras, and with the launch of iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, hitting stores in late September and early November respectively, the smartphone’s camera will be improved yet again with larger and faster sensors, new colour filters, better image stabilization, faster auto-focus in low light and a portrait lighting feature, which promises studio-quality illumination. Meanwhile iOS 11, which launches September 19th, will give iPhone users access to new filters inspired by classic photography styles and a photo feature that can transform any Live Photo into a loop, bounce and long-exposure shot.

Check out these iPhone photography tips and where they can be incorporated into your wedding day. To ensure your wedding hashtag is blowing up with only the best possible images, share these tips with guests beside your hashtag signage and appoint a trusted friend whose photographic style you admire to use these pointers as your honourary iPhone photographer (because everyone loves a special job on the big day).

To make sure you don’t miss the first kiss
Swipe to the left from your lock screen to quickly access your camera.

To get that ultra-flattering couple shot
Try photographing in open shade (like under a beautiful tree) for the most flattering light.

To shoot an artsy shot of the venue
Try turning your phone upside down and shooting upwards toward the ceremony or reception venue for a dramatic angle.

To snap a drool-inducing wedding cake shot
Use portrait mode. You can use this camera setting any time you want your foreground subject to pop. Use it to shoot food, flowers, or even the wedding bands.

To photograph the first dance, even from far away
Crowds tend to congregate quickly when the first dance is announced. Thankfully on iPhone 7 Plus a 2x camera is available in all camera modes, which means you’ll be able to capture a perfectly-framed shot even at a distance. Just tap on the “1x” icon on the camera screen to immediately switch to the 2x camera.

To capture the bouquet toss in a unique way
With the introduction of iOS 11, wedding guests will have so many more cool ways to capture motion with Live Photos. Just ensure that the Live icon at the top of the camera display is yellow and apply Live Photo effects after the shot is snapped. To apply an effect, swipe up on the photo in the Photos app and choose loop, bounce, or long exposure.

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