Wedding Music To Get The Dance Party Started


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Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a wedding where a group of a hundred adults spends the evening watching one two-year-old totter around solo in front of the deejay booth for a lack of tunes that anyone recognizes or enjoys, but pick the right wedding music and we guarantee your reception dance party will be the highlight of most of your guests’ years.

Once the speeches are over it’s time to cut a rug, so make sure your deejay starts the party with a set of crowd-pleasing tunes guaranteed to get guests up out of their seats. When you’re compiling the wedding music that will make up your dance party playlist make sure the majority of the songs will appeal to all age groups. If you need to hear that one special obscure dance song that only a few of your friends will know, make sure it’s sandwiched between two other songs that everyone attending your wedding will love.

To help you compile your wedding dance party playlist we’ve picked out 25 songs that will get even the most shy guests up out of their seats. Our playlist includes a mix of new hits alongside beloved old favourites that everyone from your grandma to your flower girl will know the lyrics to.

Need some more song ideas? If you haven’t sent out your invitations yet, include a space in the RSVP card that allows your guests to request a song, we promise that they’ll be super excited when they hear their choice.   

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