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Wedding Music: 5 Unique Reception Playlists

  |   By Madeleine Foote

Are you having trouble putting together a playlist of wedding music that suits your reception style? Take a cue from our five sample playlists to make song selections that will suit your wedding theme and get all your guests on the dance floor.

Romantic Reception The crowd-pleasing romantic wedding music included in this playlist is perfect for any classic reception.

Beach Bash This playlist is perfect for an outdoor reception and works on the theme of classic surf rock and rock 'n' roll. These tunes are sure to keep the vibe fun but low-key.

Casual Afternoon If you’re planning on a casual afternoon reception, you’ll want wedding music that creates a relaxed vibe without being too repetitive. These songs will keep your guests feeling upbeat.

Classic Rock Revival If you’re a fan of classic rock, this is the reception playlist for you! It has a little bit of everything: dance music, rock ballads, and good old rock ’n’ roll to keep the party going.

Dance Party This dance-oriented playlist has something for everyone and will be sure to keep your guests (and you) dancing all-night long!

This article was originally published on Nov 21, 2018

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