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Wedding Floral Trends To Watch

  |  By Alison McGill
Wedding Floral Trends To Watch

We love flowers and are always looking for what’s next on the haute list for weddings. A great place we have found inspiration over the last few years is at Fleurs De Villes, the epic travelling floral show which was started in Canada by creative visionaries Karen Marshall and Tina Barkley and has now become a must-see global event with shows across the US, Britain and Europe.

Wedding Floral Trends To WatchFleurs De Villes floral mannequins are coming to Toronto August 5th through 9th

For 2020, the first Canadian show is in Toronto, the Fleurs De Villes Floral Trail is happening August 5th to 9th and will feature incredible floral mannequins created by some of Canada’s top floral talents scattered throughout the city’s Yorkville Village-area. Weddingbells is a part of the exhibition, look for our mannequin designed by Krystal Young of Snowberry Botanicals.

We spoke to Krystal as well as a few other designers involved in Toronto’s Fleur De Villes show to get their take on what’s fab and fresh when it comes to wedding florals.

Enchanted Gardens
“With so many weddings taking place outside, the greenery trend is going to be back and big. A lot of people are very in to an enchanted garden theme and it can be created with fresh flowers or silk ones which can look amazing and is a good option if you are looking to save on your budget. Dried materials like pampas are also still very big and can help with overall cost too. If I can offer a piece of advice to anyone getting married in the next 12 to 16 months, it would be to book your florist as soon as possibly because it is going to be an incredible busy year for the events industry!”
Joezel Yumul, DT Floral And Decor

Greenery Goals
“Trends I feel are very personal to the brides and today’s brides are also modern and more geared towards nature. Lots of lush greenery in wedding florals looks timeless, fresh and classic. I also love bold brides as I think experimenting with colour and texture is very on trend now and looking ahead to 2021. As far as the look and feel of wedding florals, many couples are going with natural, flowing floral configurations versus solid cut arrangements.”
Rashida Tinwala, Hana Floral Designs

Buy Local
“I’m loving how we are really embracing local and seasonal flowers. Colours combinations become more interesting when we are using garden grown blooms. Designs are more architectural and structural giving a chance for the flowers to shine individually. Impact is created by emphasizing negative space in a design and or bouquet.”
—Krystal Young, Snowberry Botanicals

Intimate Arrangements
“With everything up the air at this forever changing time we can’t help but think micro weddings and intimate elopements will stay around for a while. We have quite a few clients inquire about them. We actually don’t mind this at all, less stressful for everyone and it allows us to create something truly custom and special for these very bespoke celebrations.”
—Lena Pham, Lena’s Floral Design


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