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Wedding Favours Inspired By Canadian Provinces

  |   By Nicole Ballantyne-Choo

From the coast of British Columbia to the Maritimes, we Canucks have a lot to be proud of. Why not show off your patriotic side by incorporating Canadian favours inspired by your wedding location? Flavours and motifs unique to the Great White North and her provinces can add texture and colour to your celebration and project a love of country without outright national anthem singing. Here are fun potential gifts for your guests representing Canadian locales between the east and west coasts. We're sure you'll find something you'd be willing to spend your loonies and toonies on.



Photo courtesy Dark Tickle

Couples are on Cloud 9 on their wedding day if all goes well. So, what could be more appropriate than mouthwatering bakeapple, AKA cloudberry, jams? Your guests will savour every last bit of this beloved Newfoundland wildberry preserve, leaving a sweet taste in their mouths long after you and your beau exchange vows. If you know how to sterilize jars, you could put the jam in cute smaller bottles with punny labels or gift tags. Downsizing may complement your theme better and help your budget go further.


Prince Edward Island

Photo courtesy Anne Chocolates

Handmade in PEI, boxes of Anne's chocolates are a local essential. Like Anne of Green Gables, your guests will fall in love with these dreamy chocolates if they haven't already. They're addictive! Choose between 6-piece or 12-piece chocolate boxes, and select a box that will go with most people's palates and your colour palette.



Photo courtesy Weddingstar

Depending on who you ask, Alberta is cowboy country or the Energy Province. We think you could turn every guest into a live wire with grin-worthy miniature cowboy hat favours. They're a must-have for any regional fete and should encourage many selfies and group photos on your big day. Cue the happy memories when Stampede rolls around in Calgary.



Photo courtesy Hip Hostess

You're spoilt for choice in Ontario, but we reckon you'd do quite well to include some butter tarts in your place settings. Butter tarts are a quintessentially Canadian dessert, perfect for the capital province. Ontario even has a Best Butter Tart Festival to formalize the national obsession. Examples of good old-fashioned pioneer cooking, these desserts come in various irresistible flavours, from coffee to pecan, and your guests will relish receiving one.



Photo courtesy La Face Cachée

Apple ice wine is a Quebecois specialty that can be enjoyed on its own or in a variety of cocktails. It is definitely a favour your guests will adore. Just be sure to cater to the teetotalers among the crowd by offering non-alcoholic swaps. You don't want your nuptials to be the reason someone falls off the wagon. Eek!


Nova Scotia

Photo courtesy

Go as Canadian as maple syrup with your favours. We're talking the full monty. Honour the symbol that's on Canada's flag with maple-leaf-shaped bottles full of the famous amber liquid. You can't go wrong with its rich taste and non-negligible dose of nutrients. You can source maple syrup from the forests of Nova Scotia and enhance your fall or woodsy theme in the process.



Photo courtesy Jose Villa

Gifting fresh baked goods is a great way to honour the grain-producing prairies. You can opt for fresh specialty bread, cookies, pies, muffins, danishes, cinnamon buns, bismark donuts, or cupcakes with frosting that deliciously amplifies your colour scheme. You could even have heart-shaped macarons with ombre hues. We're salivating at the thought.


British Columbia

Photo courtesy Charlie's Chocolate Factory

If the weather is conducive, i.e. not too hot and sticky, hand out an assortment of delightful saltwater taffy inspired by the proximity of the Pacific Ocean. This wedding favour goes easy on your pockets while contributing a charming pop of colour to your decor. Whatever your theme, you're bound to find the ideal flavour and shade combo.



Photo courtesy Weddingstar

Pay homage to Manitoba's abundance of pretty parkland with nature-inspired favours. Sparks might fly between the lovebirds and soon-to-be spouses, but you and your guests will get along like a house on fire if you gift them these darling mini acorn candles for cozy nights and self-care rituals. Shine a light on love, baby! And yes, we know we can be a-corny sometimes.


New Brunswick

Photo courtesy Weddingstar

Inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, starfish bottle stoppers are quirky (and practical!) wedding favours. They're a fabulous addition to beach weddings or nautical themes with shells, sand dollars, anchors, life preservers, sailboats, and seaside accents. They also contribute a marine touch to more minimalist aesthetics. We're shore (listen, we could do this all day) your guests will appreciate this present and have a whale of a time using it.

This article was originally published on Jun 11, 2012

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