Wedding Do: Pick Your Posies

Photo by Carlo Mendoza.

Flowers can really enhance the look of your celebration, so it’s important to consider what type of blooms you will use and how they will be arranged. You may already have a favourite flower that you’d like to incorporate. Colour is also an important consideration, as you likely have decided on a decorating scheme by now. Another thing to keep in mind is when certain flowers are in season: blossoms that aren’t available locally will have to be imported, and the cost may be prohibitive. Also, you may not know that flowers often have meanings attached to them. For instance, irises (pictured left) symbolize hope and passion. Want more insider info? Our Flower Dictionary will give you a better understanding of some of the most popular wedding posies.


One comment on “Wedding Do: Pick Your Posies
  1. rosanne says:

    beautiful irises…the purple would pop in an otherwise all white bouquet…and who can argue with ‘hope and passion’…

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