Wedding Do: Get Crafty

When it comes to your wedding planning, don’t be afraid to be more hands on and incorporate ideas/items that are a true reflection of you. For example, are you and your husband-to-be big jokers? Why not create a photo booth packed with fun and funny props, which you can purchase or, better yet, make yourselves? Or, if you’re a collector of antique jewels/brooches, why not follow in the footsteps of recently wedded Jenna MacNeil, and create a bouquet of brooches (pictured left)? Big or small, there’s plenty of ways to get crafty on your wedding day. To get you started here are hair ideas to get you inspired for your celebration.


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  1. LH says:

    I thought this bouquet looked familiar…not sure if it’s the same creator, but this person makes these bouquets too:

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