Wedding Do: Find Your Perfect Cake


As a big wedding cake fan, I urge you to choose the perfect cake. When I say perfect, I mean in the sense of picking a confection that “perfectly” matches your style, personality and, of course, your budget. A three-tier classic white cake may be beautiful, but if it’s not your style then why go there? Don’t be afraid to ask your cake designer for a different colour, or even an alternative to cake (cupcakes and cookies are huge alternatives). One of my favourite cake features was a slideshow that we created entitled “Inspiring Wedding Cakes” where we showcased 26 beautiful confections (including the one pictured left) that graced the tables of our 25th anniversary bash last year. Confections varied from simple and chic to more luxurious and extravagant creations. Start perusing through there and be sure to check out our entire cake section for more fun and inspiring ideas.

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