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Wedding DIY Project: Personalized Tissue Packs

  |  By Jen O'Brien

Photo courtesy Michelle Matthieu

We spotted this wedding DIY project in our Weddingbells forums and just had to contact Michelle Matthieu, the creative bride who posted it, for details on how to pull off this cute craft ourselves.

This particular wedding DIY project came about after Michelle learned that the church she would be marrying at would not permit the use of a few of the handmade elements she'd already put together (including her programs!). Instead of lamenting the fact that she wasn't able to incorporate certain elements into her celebration, she decided to get working on another craft that her ceremony location would allow her to incorporate. Michelle undertook this craft project so that she would have personalized tissue packets that could be handed out to weepy wedding guests prior to her ceremony.

For this wedding DIY project Michelle even created her own packaging (instead of purchasing pre-made packets and affixing a label) so we know she's definitely one dedicated crafter.

Here's what you'll need to pull off this wedding DIY project:

- Vellum Paper, 12×12 sheets (Michelle says she found them at Michaels on sale for 3/$1) - The bird seed packet template below - Glue stick - Labels (Michelle designed hers on PhotoShop then used a Groupon deal she found for Vistaprint to have her labels printed on sticker sheets) - Kleenex


- Design your own labels and print them. Michelle printed one set for the front of the packages featuring her name, her fiance's name and their wedding date and another set that said "To dry your happy tears". - Trace the outline of the bird bird seed packages using a fine tip marker on the vellum paper (you should be able to get two packages out of each sheet) - Cut out your stencils - Glue flaps according to stencil directions - Insert a tissue (or a few tissues) in each packet - Add your labels to personalize and seal the packets

The best part about this adorable craft project? Michelle was able to enlist the help of her hubby-to-be to help out with the assembly process!

This article was originally published on Aug 29, 2012

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