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Wedding Design Week at BGS Part 3

  |   By Stephanie Gray

The students at Bonnie Gordon's school are busy this week, learning all about creating and designing wedding cakes. In my previous posts we saw some of the initial concepts and now the cakes are even further along! Check out how they're progressing. It's really impressive to see just how much time and effort goes into each beautiful piece. In today's lesson Bonnie teaches the students how timing is everything -- I mean as brides you need that cake for the reception!

"When guests enter the reception your gorgeous custom-designed wedding cake is sitting in it's place of honour ready to be exclaimed over by guests. What most people don't realize is that cake designers work to very tight deadlines. The cake MUST be delivered on time for the big 'reveal.' Our students are learning this lesson today as their cakes must be completed by 5:00!"

{Remember the challenge of turning simple fondant cut-outs into vintage lace fabric? Brush embroidery is the perfect piping technique necessary to create this illusion.}

{Themed cakes offer students a challenge; how to create something unique and fresh that showcases the designers style yet reflects client demands. This student is working on a winter-themed wedding cake and has chosen to combine traditional piping skills with modern stripes and sugar crystals. There much more to complete and the deadline is 5:00!}

{Some cakes aren't complete without a caketopper. Our student is painting her two with hand-crafted sugar birds for this harvest-themed wedding cake.}

{Gorgeous delicate gumpaste flowers adorning wedding cakes are a exceptional example of the sugarcraft art. Handcrafting these delicate blossoms is a lengthy process as each petal is meticulously pieced together, then dusted to bring out highlights and deepen tones. It's slow precise work as the petals shatter easily and the artist handles each blossom with great care.}

{Black and white weddings have been popular in recent years this cake has been beautifully designed to work with this theme. Just a few finishing touches are needed!}

{As with all bespoke items, it's always about the small meticulous details.}

This article was originally published on Oct 15, 2010

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