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Wedding Day Dos and Don'ts From Fellow Brides

  |  By Jen O'Brien / Tash Jones - Love Luella Photography

Other people's weddings can be a great source of inspiration. They can also provide valuable lessons on what not to do on your big day. After another wedding-filled summer we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to share the lessons (good and bad) that they've learned from attending other people's celebrations. Here’s what they had to say:


Receiving line

"We scrapped the idea of a receiving line - the last wedding we went to, it took over an hour for everyone to go through." - @gravimusprime via Twitter

Emotional bride being congratulated by the wedding guests / FG Trade


Make it your own

"DO personalize your wedding to who you and your partner are. I have been to a few weddings where couples chose the venue's "standard" package which came with the "standard" food choices and "standard" centrepieces and "standard" decor. The wedding is about you! Make it ALL about you!!" - Laurie de Fleuriot via Facebook

Mr. & Mrs. Sign on the chair / Erstudiostok



"DON'T have bad food. People remember bad food!" - Erin Newlove Nicholas via Facebook

Close up of small salmon based canapés ready to eat being served on a glass platter. / SolStock



"DO have a great DJ! Everyone remembers bad music (like bad food!). DO be considerate to your guests and make them comfortable. DON'T rush through the day, enjoy it! It goes by fast!" - Veronica Spencer via Facebook

Men dancing and enjoying a wedding party / FG Trade


It's not all about you

"I know the bride is often the one to plan the wedding, but DO remember your fiance has family there too. Respect their traditions and make sure it's just about his family as it is yours, no better way to piss off the groom's family than to pretend they aren't there!" - Candice Joy via Facebook

Groom and best man drinking and smiling during wedding party. Groom and groomsmen partying after wedding. / jacoblund


Get onsite help

"DO have a day-of onsite coordinator. There's nothing worse than having the wedding party decorating the venue for hours the night before and then having to take it all down in their dresses and suits after the party ends!" - Kelsey Scott via Facebook

Shot of a young woman decorating a table with place card holders in preparation for a wedding reception / LumiNola


Kids get bored

"DON'T sit through the entire ceremony if you have a young child that is bring fussy and taking attention away from the couple...excuse yourself quietly, but quickly." - Nicole Richards via Facebook

Adorable girl on wedding party / freemixer


It's your wedding

"DO what you want. We didn't want a dinner and dance reception so we opted for a two-hour thank-you reception with appetizers, cocktails and cake. Then we went home and gorged on sushi. I've yet to go to a wedding like mine but have been to a billion that are all pretty much the same. I like that we did exactly what we wanted and didn't conform to the standard wedding." - Christina Hiebert via Facebook

Bride, groom and wedding guests making a toast / FG Trade


Keep it simple

"DO keep the speeches to a minimum. No one cares to know what the bride and groom did as babies." - Sholla Lampkin via Facebook

Stylish groom pronouncing vow to his beautiful bride during matrimony. Groom pronouncing speech and holding microphone. Beautiful wedding ceremony in summer park or garden / Bogdan Kurylo


Open bars are good

"DO have an open bar! We are definitely having an open bar! I wanted to scrap the cake but I found an amazing cake and changed my mind." - @lilsars via Twitter

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Welcome drink with pink gin cocktail glasses in a "Tea party " style / Alice in Wonderland style. Wedding reception / Outdoor party. / Vasil Dimitrov
This article was originally published on Sep 30, 2011

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