15 Not-So-Obvious Things To Add To Your Wedding Checklist

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Image via Etsy.

The months leading up to your wedding will be filled with making appointments, arrangements, and mind-bending decisions — it’s the last minute scrambling that can be the most nerve-wracking! Busy with the bigger arrangements like coordinating vendors, decor and attire, brides tend to overlook smaller details and handy necessities that are often crucial before, during, and after the wedding. We’ve compiled a wedding checklist of those not-so-obvious things for you to remember to ensure you’re completely covered on your big day.

Pre-Wedding Checklist
1. Set up a joint bank account (your wedding cheques will likely be made out in both of your names)
2. Make final confirmations of your appointments with your vendors.
3. Pick a cute “getting ready” outfit­–you’ll likely be photographed during this time and will want to ditch the ragged old go-to t-shirt.
4. Prepare tip envelopes for designated vendors to make your life easier at the end of the wedding night.
5. Arrange for a sweet handwritten note to be delivered to your betrothed before the ceremony.

Wedding Day Checklist
1. Have snacks on hand for your bridal party between the ceremony and reception to keep the stomach rumbles to a minimum.
2. Ditch the cellphone! Give it to your maid of honour to screen for imperative texts and calls only.
3. Stash some breath mints and tissues in your clutch–these will come in handy throughout the day.
4. Have a pair of comfy flats or flip-flops on hand at your reception venue so you can dance the night away.
5. Have a makeup re-touching kit handy to keep those tear-streamed cheeks in check and broken nails filed! Complete the kit with safety pins, bobby pins and bandages.
6. Offer floral arrangements and décor to your guests at the end of the night so they don’t go to waste.
7. Designate someone to bring all of your stuff home so you can enjoy a relaxing first night with your new husband.

Post-Wedding Checklist
1. Make sure all items that need to be returned to your vendors have been.
2. Check gift cards for money and make a deposit in your joint account before you leave for your honeymoon.
3. Keep track of where your marriage licence is. You’ll need this in order to obtain your marriage certificate and change your name.

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