6 Wedding Cake Flavours Worth Trying in 2014

As first published in Weddingbells Spring & Summer 2014. Photography by Carlo Mendoza.

First published in Weddingbells Spring & Summer 2014 issue. Photography by Carlo Mendoza.

Traditional vanilla batter or chocolate cake are two of the most popular wedding cake flavours, with red velvet charging in at a close third these days. But, if you’re feeling a bit more daring, why not switch things up by incorporating unique flavours into a more classic flavour? Instead of the usual red velvet and cream cheese frosting combination, why not add coconut to the mix? Or, for chocolate lovers, try infusing a delicious rosewater flavour into your vanilla buttercream–a subtle yet sweet flavour that’ll leave your guests wanting for more. Once you’ve decided on ingredients, let that signature flavour inspire the design of your cake. Here are six innovative new flavours to try in 2014 along with clever ways to present them to your guests.


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