Vintage Wedding Favours: 10 Original Ideas For Your Retro Celebration

Finding the perfect wedding favours can be tough. Depending on your style, budget and theme–it’s the one detail that may take more time than most newlyweds-to-be realize. For those having a antique-inspired celebration, finding the ideal vintage wedding favours can be even harder, especially if you want something that feels old but looks new. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to infuse the vintage vibe your celebration without actually gifting your guests with something that’s been around for years.

For those of you who don’t want to spend a fortune, try wrapping your vintage wedding favours in newspaper, lace cloths or handkerchiefs. If you’re giving chocolate or candy perhaps try metal tins (with that rustic finish) or milk glass jars–an homage to older eras. Budget-permitting, there are plenty of places such as Anthropologie, which specialize in retro-inspired items (like teacups, pretty picture frames and old classic books) that would make perfect vintage wedding favours for your guests. For those with a DIY celebration in mind, invest in bulk candy with retro appeal, then place it in a tin or glass jar for your guests. Lastly, the best place to find nostalgic knickknacks for your vintage wedding favours is on Etsy–an online treasure trove filled with an array of handmade pieces that would be suitable for your affair. To help you plan your big day, here are 10 vintage wedding favours that are sure to impress your guests.