Vendor Spotlight: The Caterer


Photography courtesy BECatering.

We’re in full wedding swing now but you know choosing our vendors has been relatively easy because it’s about people. The biggest thing we’ve learned is that it’s better to go with someone you really get along with. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person and if your personalities clash, it’s a recipe for disaster. I’d say easily, the vendors we’ve chosen are people we would happily have over for dinner. We feel we’re becoming fast friends with all of them. Which brings me to introduce an amazing lady who I can honestly say rocks! We were so drawn to her fun loving energy and talent, no one came close to making us feel as confident and respected the way Bonnie did. She didn’t pressure us into going a head. There was never a point where she made us feel we were wasting her time. Bonnie rose above as the true professional.
With out further adieu, allow me to introduce Bonnie Kubica of BE Catering!
My relationship began with Bonnie over the phone, I called her upon recommendation from my dear friend Rachel who said I had to check her out. I found the cutest website, which looked like exactly what we wanted. I read the menus and found myself salivating into the first course. BE prides themselves on working with local growers, often organic meats and fish. They’ll work with you to create a menu that is reflective of you and your partners tastes. With over ten years experience, BE will produce a properly timed, organized and delicious meal for you and your guests and she does it with ghusto! She even grills on site which is perfect for our farm wedding!
We’ve got some exciting things planned with Bonnie, and we can’t wait for our guests to come and eat from her table this August.
Thank you Bonnie of BE catering, for accepting the job of Caterer at Tyler and Alison’s Country Wedding Extravaganza!!
In her own words, “It’s gonna be a goodie!”
We are thrilled, just thrilled.
Alison xo

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