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Know anyone who will be popping the question over the holidays? Here are five essential things to consider before getting down on one knee.

Know Your Audience
Before you pop the question, put some serious thought into where, when and how you are going to do it. Your style of proposal should reflect your bride and something she would love. If she’s a private person, keep the event intimate and romantic. If she loves big surprises and spectacles, then a public, over the top event could certainly be an amazing option.

Get Creative
Over the past few years, proposals have really become events—from flash mobs to a short film starring an all-LEGO cast detailing the couple’s lives to date, closing with a “Will You Marry Me?” grand finale. Think outside of the box and impress her with a proposal that is uniquely yours.

Do Your Ring Research
Do you know if your intended prefers a radiant or princess cut diamond? Or perhaps she’s not a diamond girl at all, preferring a fancy stone like Kate Middleton’s sapphire. Does she like yellow, rose or white gold? Do a little digging to see what kind of ring she loves so when you do put a ring on it, it’s one she adores. Still unsure? Propose without the ring, and have a shopping trip arranged where she can choose exactly what she wants.

Have The Family Chat
It is just good business to let the future in-laws (both mom and dad) know your intentions and have their blessing before proposing. Though this tradition may be old-fashioned, it is a nice way to forge a new chapter in the relationship between you and her family, not to mention her parents will love you all the more for taking the initiative to do it.

Get Ready to Celebrate
Once she’s said yes, so begins the parties, well wishes and wedding planning. The whole process can be overwhelming and it’s easy to lose sight of the most important thing at the heart of matters: you and your bride-to-be. Take time to enjoy being engaged—everything else will roll out and fall into place over the coming months.

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