Unique Wedding Ideas For The Celebration of Your Dreams


When it comes to planning your dream wedding, there are many factors to consider –venue, food, entertainment – to ensure everything runs smoothly and blends together. The number one priority for many couples is to have a unique wedding — one that truly reflects their personalities and wows the guests as soon as they walk in.

We approached, Brian Worley, the designer from event production company yourBash!, for some sure fire ways to create a unique wedding celebration. Worley has worked on both weddings and high-profile award shows and is known for his ability to transform plain spaces into jaw-dropping spectacles so we knew he would be the perfect person to approach for some unique wedding tips.

“People are getting a lot more creative these days,” says Worley. “Instead of having one style for everything, people are finding ways to mix and match styles and designs to come up with something completely original that not only represents who they are, but is also fun and enjoyable for their guests. I think it’s important to think outside the box because there is always potential to create something that has never been done before.”

Here Worley gives you the inside scoop on how to personalize your celebration and create a unique wedding day that your guests won’t soon forget.

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