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Unique Wedding Centrepieces We're Currently Crushing On

  |  By Kimberly Aglipay

Centrepieces are an important piece of wedding decor that calls for careful consideration. These play a key role in ensuring your overall theme comes together nicely and is carried throughout your special day.

This stylistic touch needs to suit the space and ensure your guests will be able to talk to each other easily during the reception. We're simply swooning over these innovative wedding centrepieces that range from minimalist and modern to more-is-more. Get inspired and start planning how you'll bring your own touch to your wedding tables!


Potted succulent plants

We love the matching play on size in this arrangement of succulents: the pots are all the same colour and shape, but the plants vary in size. Larger plants are the focal point, while the smaller succulents are the cutest supporting acts.

Here, the pot colour allows you to weave your chosen colours into the tapestry of your day. Earthy pots can work, too, if you place them on chiffon in your colors or among pigmented candles. Stick to smooth succulents for a more delicate overall look.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Succulents Photo via I Spy DIY.


Woodsy bird nests

Want to take the woodland nature theme to the next level? Arrange twig nests as centrepieces. You can create visual interest by raising the nests on vintage cake stands. Or keep them low and cover them with bell jars, or fill them with floral arrangements dotted with colour-coordinated candy eggs.

You can keep the greenery simple—moss and fern fronds look pretty when arranged well—or go for a fairy fantasy playground. Have fun merging ideas according to your aesthetic sensibilities and budget.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Nest Centerpieces Photo via Intimate Weddings.


Minimalist candles

There's a lot you can do with candles as the star. Here, a mix of tealight, taper, and pillar candles pair with gold antique candle holders to give this tablescape a gilded-meets-minimalist vibe. Alternatively, plop about two dozen smooth stone pebbles and a faux flower at the bottom of a glass cylinder and fill with water. Top with a floating candle.

Grouped candles are captivating and magical when lit, but make sure your fire hazard protocols are watertight.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Candle Centerpieces Photo via Avenue Lifestyle.


Colourful hanging installation

Keen on drama? You won't get more dramatic and stunning than this gold-accented hanging installation featuring vibrant blush and coral blooms. Who wouldn't want to sit under a glamorous canopy of flowers, feeling like a million bucks after dressing to the nines!?

It's giving us Kardashian meets Kennedy vibes and probably smells as rich, too. If you're going to rein in the glitz and the costs, you might have an elaborate floral installation over just the bridal table and work in smaller thematic details on individual tables. Aim for balance in your space.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Hanging Floral Installations Photo via Nahid Global.


Coconut decor

Yes, you can go the Hawaiian pineapple and coconut route with bright joyful flowers, lush palms and Delicious Monsters, and The Piña Colada song playing in the background. But if you're a less-is-more kind of person who leans towards classic neutrals, you'll love this understated but memorable centrepiece idea pairing mature coconut halves with elegant white blossoms.

You could work darker foliage into the decor for an added natural element and a sophisticated hint of green.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Coconut Centerpieces Photo via Pinterest.


Aloe plants

The sculptural look of this plant makes it a fantastic centrepiece option for a modern celebration. It's also ideal for the minimalist. Instead of a range of potted succulents in the middle of each table, hero the aloe vera.

Perhaps you'd like tall octopus-like cuttings to anchor a warm rustic centrepiece, or you're thinking of using one or more short aloes in a neat circular or rectangular planter. If handled properly, aloe veras and succulents will last longer than traditional flowers like roses, which means more bang for your buck.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Aloe Centerpieces Photo via Snippet and Ink.


Balloon garlands

With balloons, more is more, and we love the idea of displaying them in a garland with greenery. Balloons are a great way to give any wedding a whimsical vibe. They ramp up your colours and project pure happiness—it's almost like acknowledging the child in you has come full circle.

Bunch mini balloon arrangements and have them travel the length of your table runner, or let them hang from the ceiling like effervescent bubbles. Try and source eco-friendly balloons as much as possible, and make sure none of them escape into the outdoors.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Balloon Centerpieces Photo via Sugar and Cloth.


Hanging lantern installations

Sometimes hanging installations can be a centrepiece. This display of lanterns in different shapes and sizes makes it an enchanting focal point, especially at night. We're always excited when decor plays with height and levels to produce a welcome visual surprise.

If your hanging installation is ornate, keep your tablescape simple, and vice versa. But remember, there are no hard and fast rules. Listen to at least one design-minded and style-savvy opinion, then follow your gut. If you and your partner are happy, your wedding album will always make the both of you smile.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Hanging Lantern Installation Photo via The Wedding Bliss Thailand.


Potted cacti

We do love our succulents. We've covered the smoothies and now turn our attention toward the pricklies. Use potted cacti as centrepieces for a cool southwestern vibe.

It's also worth noting that cacti aren't just for desert-themed weddings. They can add a tasteful, textured, water-wise, and even colourful touch to your decor. Make sure they're arranged in such a way that it's easy to pass food around without snagging expensive outfits or getting poked.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Cacti Centerpieces Photo via Create Cultivate.


Hanging florals

Dangling wildflowers will give your reception an easy, relaxed boho vibe, while still looking incredibly chic. We adore the light and airy feel of these suspended centrepieces for spring or just about any season.

They're uncomplicated but breathtaking and an ideal complement to what's on the table. You could also keep the tapered candles and omit the bouquets to further streamline the scene.

Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces We're Currently In Love With - Hanging Floral Installation Photo via 100 Layer Cake.
This article was originally published on Jul 05, 2019

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