These Are The Gorgeous, Unique Flowers You Should Consider For Your Wedding


Photo courtesy of Oudalova Events Design.

Roses, peonies and orchids are some of the flowers we see these again and again in bridal bouquets. While these flowers are timeless and beautiful, we wanted some fresh ideas to inspire your wedding florals. We spoke to Margarita Oudalova of Oudalova Events Design to find out what flowers are the most common and which haven’t been on your radar, but should be. “The most requested wedding flowers do change seasonally but the most popular are peonies, roses, anemones and orchids,” she shares. “While flower trends do play a role in the popularity of some flowers, the biggest change isn’t what’s in a bouquet but how it looks and is styled.”

Oudalova says most clients turn to her to determine the look of their florals and for recommendations of florals that will work best. “Once I have confirmed the vision and inspiration I will start sketching the design and also doing a trial with them so they understand what things will look like and we can tweak the design accordingly from there.”

What types of florals would Oudalova like to use more and see more in bridal bouquets? She has a few suggestions for beautiful blooms that might not be on your radar.

Clemetis (pictured, above): This leafy, viney bloom is lush and luxurious and looks particularly amazing when paired with garden roses in large and lovely displays and installations.

Photo via Wild Flora.

Tropical Flowers: We’re talking arrangements with anthurium, monstera, ferns, protea… all the amazing tropicals! Oudlalova says all of these flowers and foliage will last longer than more traditional florals, and will give your bouquet and centrepieces a more unique shape and colour.

Garden Roses: Oudalova believes these rose varietals should be used more, and not just as a substitute when peonies are not in season. “They are gorgeous on their own and have the most incredible scent!” she says. 

Photo courtesy of Oudalova Events Design.

Hellebore: These delicate blooms are perfect in the autumn and winter and have a certain magical quality, Oudalova says. “They are certainly not atypical wedding flowers, but should be,” she explains. “They look amazing in mono-floral arrangements which lets them shine as the star.” Hellebore are also available in an incredible range of shades from pure white to black, through pinks, reds, greens, yellows and peachy apricot hues. 

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