Unconventional Winter Wedding Bouquets

White Winter Bouquet

Deciding what your winter wedding bouquet will look like isn’t just about which flowers are in season. Winter is a great time to add some seasonal findings into the mix and get a little more creative. Classic winter weddings look lovely decorated in crisp white with crystal embellishments for an added icy touch. If you’re a non-traditional bride planning a more rustic affair, think about incorporating coniferous branches from trees such as pine, spruce and fir. Pine cones are also great to add to your bouquet for a contrast in texture and shape. For a vintage-themed wedding, succulents in white or pale blue and grey will not only hold up well in the cold, but they’ll also add an antique quality to your arrangement.

Check out some of our favourite creative winter wedding bouquets for inspiration.


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  1. Nicole Sarah says:

    This is lovely! Why did I not find this sooner. Great inspiration!

    Nicole Sarah Calgary Wedding Photographer


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