Two Cakes for Kate and Will’s Wedding Day

As mega-sweet lovers, we were super-excited to learn that Kate and Will have chosen TWO confections to treat their guests to. One being a more traditional tiered fruit cake created by Leicestershire baker Fiona Cairns, whose client list includes big stores like Harrods and celebs such as Paul McCartney. According to reports, Kate and Will have long been a fan of Fiona’s fruit cakes–so it comes as no surprise that the two chose her to create their modern yet elegant wedding cake. We checked in on Fiona and found her work on her website to be everything we expected–beautiful, pretty and delicious-looking. As an homage to their roots and for an extra-symbolic touch, Kate has provided Fiona with a long list of flowers to include with their wedding cake. Amongst her list are bridal roses, lily of the valley and sweet william. Don’t know what they mean? Read up on our Meaning of The Flowers. As for the second cake, Kate and Will have chosen McVitie’s to bake a cake made entirely of chocolate biscuits. This cake, according to reports, is a Royal Family recipe–so definitely top secret as to what ingredients to expect. Although if it looks anything like these chocolate biscuits combined together–sign us up!

{image via Julian Martin}