Trick or treat?


Two weeks ago Alison received a special delivery of delicious and gorgeous cupcakes from Roxy at Roxy Cakes ( It just so happened that I left early for a dentist appointment that day, so I never got to taste them. But Jenn and the rest of the WB girls gave me rave reviews.

Of course, being a cupcake fanatic, I had to find out what the deal was all about. So I found the perfect excuse—Halloween. I e-mailed Roxy, who was super-nice, about ordering some Halloween-inspired cupcakes for the team. She quickly responded and asked if we wanted something similar to this pumpkin cake (pictured left!). Can you guess what’s inside? Roxy said it’s a Lindt truffle chocolate cake. How delish! Anywho, can’t wait to see them in the office. Only a few more hours to go. Tick, tock! Happy Halloween!

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