To Video or Not to Video


If there is one thing that people keep telling me over and over it’s that I should not skimp on photography. And have you seen what people are doing these days? We’ve all seen the traditional wedding videos from the 80’s and 90’s but have you seen the full on motion pictures people are having created for themselves? Some of them are like music videos. What an incredible way to remember the big day. I want one! But, I just saw our budget board a train and it’s bound for broke central station. I’m sorry but all the assurance in the world from Uncle Jerry that his SLR with video capability will be fine, is not going to convince me.
These movies are edited so well, they are as unique as the couples they feature and they always leave me in tears. I need one! Now, all I need is to find the Scorsese of the family and call in a favour. I wonder if Sophia Coppola is looking for work these days?

Abby and Josh Nittle from evan scott on Vimeo.

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