Tips For Winter Engagement Photos

winter engagement photo tips - embrace the snow

winter engagement photo tips - bright outerwear

Did you recently get engaged? Don’t wait until spring to shoot your celebratory photos! Winter can be a beautiful backdrop for an engagement photo session, filled with snow-topped trees and glistening icicles.

You’ll want to keep in mind that when it comes to pulling off a wintry engagement shoot, earlier sunsets and frosty temperatures can make this season a challenge. For the reason, we asked industry vets to chime in with useful tips to combat the cold. The most overlooked items–tissue and cover-up, to counteract runny, red noses–are actually available at most drugstores. As well, hand warmers, layered clothing and warm boots are helpful: the longer you stay warm, the longer you can shoot for. Winter outerwear tends to come in shades of black and grey, so opt for a pop of colour such as a bright scarf or hat.

Classic make-up tends to work best for engagement photos. Bridal Beauty founder Ivy Lam suggests pairing a punchy lip colour with a set of faux eyelashes. Since most brides do their makeup indoors, try to find a natural source of light. “If you’re doing an outdoor shoot but the makeup’s been done in front of a vanity, powder is something that can get tricky, since powder will show up more in outdoor lighting,” says Lam. “Moisturize, blend in foundation, and only use a dab of powder,” she adds.

Here is our round-up of industry tips for scoring the best winter engagement photos:

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