The Top Wedding Food Trends For 2014


Food Trucks
Thanks to the laid-back attitude cultivated in the Canadian dining scene since the recession wedding food, by extension, has never been more fun. In the 90s and aughts, the in-crowd dined at steakhouses, power restaurants and popped bottles of bubbly. Now, they’re trading in those triple-digit dinners for pit stops at local food trucks, brunching on low-brow lobster (sammies, poutine, rolls) and scheduling cheapie taco nights at venues that are too cool to have proper signage. The emphasis on casual dining culture has never been more obvious, and Canadian brides are taking note, incorporating fun dining trends into their reception menus. This year’s wedding receptions are sure to feature kitschy snacks, small-batch goodness and artisan pastries. Here are the top wedding food trends of 2014.

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