The Top 5 Guest Complaints Every Bride Should Know About

guest complaints - cash bar

guest complaints - cash bar

Every bride hopes that her dream day will go off without a hitch and that guests will have only glowing reviews after the fact. However, it can be hard to anticipate the needs of every single friend and family member when you’re planning a party for several hundred people.

We asked expert wedding planners Adriana Mazzone from Champagne Social Weddings & Events and Cynthia Martyn from Cynthia Martyn Fine Events to help us narrow down the top five wedding guest beefs and how to avoid them. Their advice? Mitigate complaints by taking friends and family into consideration when you’re making decisions surrounding your big day. “You are planning what is likely the largest party you will host during your lifetime,” says Martyn. “Put yourself in your guests’ shoes when making decisions on the wedding location, menu, bar and gifts, and make the experience comfortable and well-thought-out,” she adds.

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