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The Next Wedding Video to Go Viral–and it's From Windsor, Ontario!

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

This wedding was only posted a day ago, and already it's reached over 20,000 hits. So, what makes this celebration so outstanding? Well, for starters, the bride never knew about it! From the get-go you might not agree with groom's decision to plan the wedding without even proposing (talk about courage!) but once you hear his side of the story, you're sure to fall right in love with his whole plan. Queue the tears and get ready to be absolutely floored with every little detail. From the bridesmaids choosing the brides' dress (thank goodness for great friends–the dress looked AMAZING!) right down to the groom re-creating the brides' bedroom to make it look and feel like she was getting ready in the comfort of her own home. But, enough with the details already, just sit back, watch and enjoy.

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This article was originally published on Aug 16, 2011

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