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The “Manly” Bout

  |   By Amber Richman

Is your man not particularly keen on a fantastic floral boutonnière? He is not alone! Here are a couple of options that will encourage him from not only wearing a pocket square on your special day.

The man's man seems to love the idea of being different, and being different means greens only… with maybe a couple of berries! This sounds boring, but in actual fact can be stunning.  Proof is in the snappy collection [side] of snakegrass, beargrass, pittosporum, hypericum, and salal. Now does that bout not yell, “I'm a man!”?

If your groom wants funky, yet simple, then an all berries buttonhole may be right up his ally. Hypericum is an excellent choice, because it is available in burgundy, green, red, and peach. One of those is bound to fit in with your wedding colour scheme!

Sometimes the best thing is to ask your man what he wants. Although be forewarned, the answer may surprise you! My final picture is of holly and pods, exactly what the groom ordered! The design was beautiful, the groom was happy, the bride was happy, and I was happy.

Morale of this story is: themes are great, but the bride and the groom having what they want on their day is a whole lot more important.

--Amber, Cool Green & Shady

This article was originally published on Jun 15, 2010

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