The Comfort Food Every Reception Should Have

French fries at a wedding? Heck yes! There’s nothing more satisfying and tempting than french fries for dinner. Okay, maybe not dinner, but perhaps for a midnight snack? And why not? They’re delicious and a complete crowd pleaser. I was moved by Alison’s dinner this week, who couldn’t stop raving about fries, to find something equally as delicious. And, I’ve got to say this Oven Baked Garlic Fries with Garlic Aioli recipe from Pixelated Crumb looks mouthwatering and sounds tempting. Try the recipe at home, and if you love, see if your caterer can replicate something as tasty. As for how to serve them, invest in some paper bags, or create your own DIY cones (which you can personalize with your own initials and wedding date) and watch as your guests devour these within minutes.