The Best Wedding Trends of 2012

There were so many amazing wedding trends our readers inspired us with this year — it was incredibly hard to pick just a few favourites. The year 2012 proved to be the most innovative yet when it came to fresh wedding ideas. The digital proposal moved beyond YouTube and on to Twitter and Instagram (Kat Von D just said yes to DeadMau5’s  “will you marry me?” tweet). DIY continued to be a huge part of many wedding celebrations, with couples going the distance to create everything from homemade décor and stationery to favours and sweet tables that had a homespun touch.

When it came to wedding venues, vineyards proved to be one of the most popular picks for Canadian couples from coast to coast, a trend that we don’t see losing any momentum in the coming year. Fun wedding themes, coloured dresses, ombre accents, balloons and braided wedding hair styles all topped our list of favourite wedding trends list for 2012. Here’s a detailed breakdown of eight of the best wedding ideas of the year and why we loved them so much.

Stay tuned for what’s hot and happening for the coming year as we launch our hit list of wedding trends for 2013 in the coming week!


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