The Best Wedding Photo Shoot Locations In Canada


With Canada being as diverse as it is large, it’s no surprise we have a multitude of stunning wedding photo locations to choose from. From mountains and prairie fields to skyscrapers and urban spaces–don’t limit yourself when considering the location that will become the backdrop for your wedding photos. To make things easy, we asked a group of top Canadian wedding photographers to give us the scoop on some of their favourite places to shoot weddings. It’s not surprising that they came back with a list of breathtaking locations worthy of framing some of your most important memories.

Tie in your wedding theme by picking a location that complements your style. Rustic chic weddings would work perfectly in a large open field while vintage brides should look into historical properties. A garden setting is still one of the most sought after locations for romantic-themed weddings, so be sure to ask your photographer for suggestions. Here’s our list of breathtaking locations across Canada courtesy of local photography pros.

Get inspired by these stunning Canadian backdrops for your wedding photos.


6 comments on “The Best Wedding Photo Shoot Locations In Canada
  1. Ah you missed the mark – by missing the Cypress Hills – which straddles the borders of Alberta and Saskatchewan!

  2. Murissa says:

    The Okanagan is one of the best spots in Canada for photos!

  3. Saim Ali says:

    This place is really awesome in Canada. Everyone can spend their special moments at this lovely place. I am looking for my marriage which is coming soon and I am planning to celebrate this event at this beautiful place.

  4. POS Sytems says:

    Its really awesome spot but if any case you dint get the good spot at that time photography matters. so choose good photographer.

  5. April Hanr says:

    Beautiful boat

  6. So many gorgeous locations in Canada!

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