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The Best Ways To Let Guests Know Your Wedding Is Postponed

  |   By Angie Kovacs

With mandatory social distancing measures across the country, brides-to-be are facing the realization that they may need to postpone or cancel their weddings. While it’s still possible to be wed in a ceremony with under five people, many couples are opting to delay their nuptials in order to carry on with the wedding of their dreams. However, with last minute cancellations it’s important to communicate to your guests exactly what is happening with any upcoming festivities. 

Krista Elizabeth was planning to celebrate her marriage in March when her church venue contacted her to inform her that they would be closing their doors. “Our minister told us we could still get married with fewer guests,” Krista says, “I didn't go through with getting married because it wasn't how I envisioned my day.” 

Bride-to-be Mélissa Marie Gagné was planning a destination wedding in Mexico when her flights were cancelled. After realizing that her wedding would not take place as planned Mélissa had to rebook within a short time frame, “We had to pick a new wedding date and make sure we could transfer all the vendors and then pick a new trip date and ensure the resort had availability for all of our guests on these new dates. Also, communication with the resort isn't always the quickest because they're busy with other brides.” Calling the airline, hotels and her long-distance vendors allowed for Mélissa’s quick turnaround. 

After the final difficult decision to postpone, the hard reality for many couples is getting the word out to vendors and guests. Although Krista hasn’t selected a new wedding date yet, she needed to confirm that the initial wedding would not be taking place. Ensure that you have notified all of your vendors that the planned date will not be going forward. You should have the direct contact information for all of your vendors. Call them whenever possible to ensure that they are aware of the change with as much advance notice as is possible. Krista adds that her vendors were all understanding about the postponement as each was worried for their own safety as well. 

Both Krista and Mélissa took to social media to get their message out to their guests. Creating Facebook groups or having a sharable status or image will help if you’re unable to contact each guest directly. While you may be facing your own disappointment, your guests are also excited to celebrate with you. Ensure you are reminding them that this is for their safety. Both Krista and Mélissa emphasized that their guests supported them and considered safety the top priority. 

Contacting some of your distant guests may be more difficult as you may only have their mailing address. Krista mentions that she had her mother-in-law contact her spouse's family to inform them of the delay to ensure that all of her guests were aware of the change. 

Planning for the new date is a separate undertaking that will need to be communicated once again to your guests. While you may have already sent out formal invitations to all of your guests with the initial wedding date, you may choose to generate another set with the updated date. Although this can be costly it will leave you with the keepsake of the correct date. Krista mentions that sending a physical invitation guarantees an RVSP from the guests, however, with the alterations you’re making sending a second set of physical invitation is not necessary. Mélissa was aware of the updated date quickly and was able to send notice of the updated date to her guests right away. Choosing to save on additional costs by not sending a second set of invites will alleviate some of the stress in replanning for your new date. 

This article was originally published on Apr 03, 2020

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