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The Best New Wedding Photography Trends

  |   By Samantha Ong

Photography by Samantha Ong Photography.

As I traveled from Melbourne to Toronto and everywhere in between, to capture every first kiss and bright smile, I’ve paid attention to some of the trends in wedding photography that are becoming more and more requested amongst my couples! Trends allow me to guide my clients towards new ways of capturing that moment they start their new life together. Here are my top five wedding trends for 2020 that I hope will inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding photos.

1. Natural and Timeless Photos These bright and airy photographs are full of natural light and unfiltered emotion. They can be either posed portraits or candid moments, but they always display the romance and pure joy of the day. Natural and timeless photographs ensure you will enjoy them for many years to come.

2. Pre- and Post-Wedding Shoots Weddings can be chaotic, but my clients are beginning to prioritize the moments with friends and family by requesting these shoots on separate days. Pre- and post- shoots allow my clients to take advantage of a more remote location or ideal time for crowd control. Formal portraits at a later date also allow me to scout locations and spend extra time capturing every detail of your beautiful wedding dress with perfect romantic light.

3. Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies More of my clients are making the active choice to live in the moment with their loved ones and only allowing us wedding photographers to capture the magic—no iPads, phones, or friends standing in the aisle for that perfect photo op. I can feel the dynamic of a wedding ceremony change once this happens. All the guests are fully present and sharing the moment.

4. First Look Photos With Loved Ones First-look photos have been trending for a while. However, more of my brides are including their bridesmaids, mothers, and fathers. I absolutely love this new trend since it is so special to capture the moment when her excited bridesmaids are admiring the bride or her emotional father is embracing her. It gives us more special moments to capture and for them to relive and enjoy.

5. Pro Shots of Proposals and Pre-Wedding Events I also see more requests to photograph pre-wedding events such as bridal showers, rehearsal dinner and especially the proposal. The proposal is such an exciting moment and allows the couple share this momentous moment in their life with others and look back and remember how they felt in that very moment.

Samantha Ong is a Toronto-based wedding photographer and the owner of Samantha Ong Photography, a boutique wedding and lifestyle studio specializing in romantic, whimsical, and timeless photography.


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