Ten Wedding Essentials Every Bride Needs With Her On The Big Day


Photography by Art Haus Foto as seen in this real wedding.

A smile, a happy heart and your loved ones is the sentimental answer to what you should have with you on your wedding day. But in terms of items that every bride and groom should keep nearby on the day-of, there are quite a few on the list. From tissues to ballet flats, there are certain items that can save the day in a pinch—or at the very least, are handy to have in the event of an emergency and can help you go through any mishaps more comfortably.

During the planning process, it’s easy to allow these necessities to go overlooked. So it’s time to start thinking ahead—here are the essentials you should be packing in your bridal clutch the night before (or if you’re really on top of it, days before!) your wedding

A second pair of shoes
If you are sporting six-inch stilettos at your wedding, consider bringing a flat pair of shoes or kitten heels to change into for the reception. Give your feet a break and allow yourself to freely move around and dance. Couple portraits on grass or sand will also make a second pair of shoes a life saver. Don’t worry about sacrificing your look for function—there are so many beautiful options for sandals, flats, or super cute kicks.

An emergency sewing kit
Ripped seam or loose beading on your wedding dress? Have no fear. Nowadays there are portable sewing kits that include a needle, a bobbin of matching thread and a small pair of scissors for fashion emergencies. Most kits also include safety pins, which are perfect if you’re pressed for time.

Gum or a pack of mints
Keep your breath minty fresh with a pack of mints or gum. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you kiss your partner at the ceremony or when you greet your guests at the reception dinner.

Your phone and a portable charging bank
Even if you’ll likely be posing for photos more than you’ll be taking them, most people can’t go without their phone for one day—and we can safely guess that this includes the bride and groom. You might also need your phone to keep in touch with vendors (if you haven’t hired a wedding planner or day-of coordinator). Be extra prepared and pack along a portable charging bank as well.

Makeup for touch-ups, makeup remover and a mirror
Between tears of happiness or sweating under the sun, you’ll want to touch up your makeup. Concealer, setting powder and eyeliner for touchups is key, not to mention q-tips, tissues and makeup remover for any smeared mascara lines, smudged eyeliner, or out of place eye shadow. Ensure your compact has a mirror so you can quickly touch up, no matter where you are.

Your wedding-day lip colour and facial mist
This is an absolute essential—you’ll want your pout to be perfect for any photos. Ask your makeup artist to give you your lip colour to have on with you at all times. For a little refresh between kisses, bring a facial mist to ensure your skin stays hydrated.

Tissues and hankerchiefs
No matter how many times you tell yourself you won’t cry, it’s inevitable that there will be a pair of watery eyes (yours, your groom’s or your bridesmaid’s!). Pack some tissues or a hankerchief to dab your tears away and prevent your mascara from running.

A hair tie and bobby pins
To ensure your wedding-day hairstyle stays in place, bring a hairtie and some bobby pins. With all the moving around you’ll be doing, hugs and photos, you’ll want your strands to stay secure.

A first-aid kit
For allergies, headaches or upset stomachs, make sure you pack the right medications to help you bounce back quickly. Bandaids are also handy for any falls or scrapes, or unexpected paper cuts.

Hand cream and hand sanitizer
Throughout your special day, you’ll be carrying your bouquet and likely shaking more than a few hands. To ensure your pair stays clean and moisturized, pack a small bottle of hand cream and hand sanitizer—you don’t want your hands to be dry for those ring photos!

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