Sweet Chocolate Cake

Remember how amazed I was over Sweetapolita’s talent? Well, last week she blew me away again with her latest creation–Rich and Ruffles Chocolate cake. Doesn’t it look divine? I could almost taste the buttercream icing just by looking at this photo alone–now imagine that as a wedding cake, I’m sure it would look heavenly! The inside only gets better as it is comprised of delicious chocolate, but I’m sure if you’re not a huge chocolate lover you could certainly switch it up to vanilla or any other flavor/filling of your liking. Click below to see what the inside of this cake looks like.

Told you it looked good. Check out Sweetapolita’s blog for more sweet inspiration.


One comment on “Sweet Chocolate Cake
  1. Valerie says:

    That’s really creative, and I’m sure its delicious too. It looks too good to be eaten though

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