Surprising Wedding Cake Alternatives For Every Type Of Wedding

Crepe Cake

Modern weddings are singing the tune of “out with the old and in with the new”. With that in mind, couples are giving a new spin to everything from traditional first dances, favours and venues to wedding cakes. While we don’t expect brides to forgo the cake tradition entirely, we find having something more personal like a favourite dessert or a homemade sweet treat made by grandma herself speaks volumes. It’s a sentimental aspect of your wedding that guests will remember for years to come.

Multiple freshly-baked pies, for example, in lieu of one large wedding cake can give a great rustic feel to a casual wedding. Display several types of pie on slabs of wood at alternating heights for a dramatic visual impact. If you’re planning a black-tie reception, macaron towers are lavish and indulgent and can be made in multiple flavours and colours to match your theme. If you still love the sentiment of feeding your mister cake, try customized cupcakes. Cupcake towers have become a staple item but allow for more customization of flavours and designs. See surprising cake alternatives for every type of wedding.



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  1. I love these!! The lavender crepes stack looks amazing!

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