Super Unique Wedding Themes

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The theme or colour scheme of your wedding ties all of your decor together and showcases you and your new spouse’s personalities. While a classic wedding theme never goes out of style. there are many other wedding themes that are unique and personalized and will definitely stand out in your guests’ minds. Here are some fun wedding themes that add whimsy to your big day.

World Travel
This is the perfect theme if you and your partner love travelling. Adding your love of exploring is the perfect send off into your life together (and where you dream of exploring as Mr. & Mrs.) Luggage tag place cards and a globe guest book are just some simple ways to show this theme. 

Super Unique Wedding Themes

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Pay homage to written fairy tales and give a nod to a fairy tale wedding with this theme. Whether you pick one book, a series you and your partner love or have an overarching literary motif, this is a sweet theme that can translate into some stunning decor. The simple addition of books and pages into the design can easily showcase your love of literature. 


If your favourite holiday is Halloween, it may be the perfect fit to host your big day with a spooky twist. Pumpkins, candles and dark accents can be incorporated throughout your day. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could also ask your guests to wear costumes. 

If attending concerts or playing instruments is you and your partner’s favourite thing to do together, a music-themed wedding may be your jam. With a records as your backdrop or mixtape favours for your guests, this theme allows for a lot of personalization. 

If hiking, canoeing and camping bring you joy integrating the great outdoors into your big day could be the perfect fit. Whether it be through a canoe filled with ice and drinks of a paddleboard guestbook, the options are endless. Consider a “glamping” theme for something more elevated à la Troian Bellasario and Patrick Adams, or a getaway in cottage country for something more laid-back.

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Winter Wonderland
If you’re planning to have your ceremony in the winter you can fully embrace the season by turning your venue into a winter wonderland. Emerald green, deep red, velvets and snowflakes all heighten the mood of the season and make for a cozy atmosphere.

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