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How To Start Planning Your Wedding

  |   By Angie Kovacs

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Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and it's totally overwhelming to know exactly where to begin. Creating a detailed order of events to steer your planing process from start to finish and will ease the stress of organizing the day and allow you to actually enjoy it. Here's our step-by-step on how to start the successful cruise direction of the biggest party you'll likely ever throw!

Step One: Decide where you want to host your wedding and how many people you want to invite. If you already have a venue in mind, that may dictate how many guests you are able to invite. If you’re unsure of your guest count, your venue of choice may be the deciding factor. The venue, depending on how popular it is, may also only have a few dates for you to select from. This will also establish the timing of the wedding. 

Step Two: Confirm your guest list. While you may not have started planning the logistics of your wedding, it’s important to know who you’re inviting and who your bridal party is if you’re having one. While the wedding may seem far away, people often book their vacations far in advance and you want to give your guests notice as soon as possible to ensure as many as possible can attend. This means sending out a save the date at this time is important. 

Step Three: Start thinking details! Now is the time to consider all those party elements that will shape the look, feel and flow of your day—determining your theme and colour palette are key. See how colours you love work together and experiment with some unconventional choices—you will likely be surprised what you love. Other key considerations at this time include deciding on your menu and determining how it will be served (Plated? Family style? Buffet?). This will help determine the table shapes and sizes as well as picking your caterer based on the food you are looking to serve. Alternatively, you could meet with caterers and pick your menu based on your tastings. You may also bring on a separate caterer or group for desserts or your late night snack. If you're including a meal selection on your invitation deciding on the menu as early as possible allows time for your guests to decide and reply with their choices with their wedding RSVP. You need to also start thinking decor elements like florals for your bouquets, centrepieces and any on-site installations.

Step Four: Book those vendors. Start stepping into the logistics of the day and book key vendors like photographer, videographer, florist, band and DJ.

By moving through the wedding planning process in a clear, orderly manner you are setting yourself up for a smooth party rollout. Although planning a wedding is a large process, it is infinitely more manageable with a solid game plan in place and knowing what your next step should be and where to pivot to ensure you get it all done.


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