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(Somewhat) Final Thoughts on Wedding Planning and Marriage

  |   By Mai Trac

As we get closer to our wedding, I find myself reflecting on the last few months of wedding planning. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable process and I wanted to pass on my words of wisdom to other brides-to-be.

1. Be True to You

It might be easy to let others (i.e. in-laws) sway you into having a different kind of wedding than you want, but don’t let this deter you or change the wedding you envisioned for yourself. Sure, some decisions might be changed along the way as you weigh your different options but it is important to let your wedding reflect you and your future hubby. It doesn’t matter if you have an intimate or extravagant affair; at the end of the day, you will look back with fond memories if your wedding was everything YOU wanted and more.

2. Make Sure You’re Ready

I think cold feet is a really silly notion. If you are about to marry the man/woman of your dreams, I don’t think you should have feelings of doubt, nervousness, etc. about the upcoming nuptials. In fact, you should be ECSTATIC that you will be spending the rest of your life with someone you care about so deeply. I can honestly say that I am beyond over the moon at the thought of marrying Bojan. Of course we have lived together for the past five years, have two kids (another on the way!), and have dated for 10 years but the spark is still there and we still feel as deeply for each other as we did in the beginning. This is just another step in our lifelong relationship and we really do look forward to growing old with one another.

3. Find Somebody Who Makes You Laugh

Life is full of obstacles. It is so easy to become stressed and depressed. This can cause such damaging consequences to health, which cannot be easily repaired. Find somebody who makes you laugh and look at the brighter side of things. I feel so lucky to have found someone who approaches everything so calmly, makes reasonable decisions and who I can talk to about anything (minus girly issues). He is supportive of everything I do and aside from giving me immense joy, has given me two beautiful children and a life I never imagined for myself. We do not consider ourselves wealthy by any means, but we know we have things that other people can only dream of. We are so lucky to have found this at such a young age.

Good luck to all married couples to be!  I look forward to hearing all your lovely stories!

This article was originally published on Jun 07, 2010

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