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So much to do! So little time!

  |  By Jessyca Mullan

Card Box design (mine will be in Tiffany blue and ivory with pink flowers)

As the weekends are slowly crossing themselves off my calendar I've set my mind to trying my best to get everything done by the beginning of July (my aunt says I'm kidding myself) and I probably won't be even close to finished, but I'd like to have less rather than more on my plate.

The past couple of weekends have been wedding-filled. I stumbled on a great special on the exact paper we had been planning on getting for our ceremony programs and our menu cards—75% off! I was ecstatic! Construction on our house was completed. I found a beautiful card box and matching guestbook (from, that will be arriving in June. I finalized the linen rentals for the guest tables, I've started to look at everyone's schedules for a good night for the rehearsal dinner and I had a trial for my hair.

By the time the weekend is over I don't want to think about weddings anymore! I've been surprised with my productivity and my luck at finding and getting things done the past few weeks. Unfortunately there's always some bad to go along with the good.

I tried out a hairstyle for the wedding day, and I didn't really know what I had in mind, but I'm open to anything. The trouble comes with finding the right person to do it. My hair is very long, and very thick. Many hairdressers have trouble with it, because it takes a lot to get it all in place if you're not used to working with so much hair. At first the trial went great, but while my mom was still finishing up at the salon, I was walking around and decided to start moving as if I wasn't a porcelain doll. I jumped up and down a few times and the whole thing fell out. Better now than August 7th right? So I'm still on the hunt for someone to do my hair. I really don't want to risk it being done by this salon now, just in case.

{Hair Trail - Pre-Jump!}

One thing I am thrilled with is our menu cards. Not only did I get them at that great price, but I just think they are going to look so cute on the tables! I Googled how to tie bows and couldn't come up with a good method that ended up working out (maybe because I'm left-handed), so I ended up varying the instructions to suit me. I'm probably putting extra work for nothing to get this bow to work, but at least they look adorable! I probably won't be saying that after I've done it 100 times. I think I'm going to start doing between five-10 a night, just so I don't send myself over the edge. hee hee

The coming weekends are filled with tuxedos fittings, centrepiece meetings, invitation assembly, favour assembly, and I guess some more hair trials as well!

I think I'm doing good time, I'm not feeling the crunch yet, but people are telling me I seem to have it under control. How about you? Is there anything you've really put off? Or are you completely ahead of the game?

What type of hairstyle do you think I should go with? I'm really struggling with this one.

1. Updo

2. Half up half down

3. All down

This article was originally published on May 28, 2010

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