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Setting the Tone

  |   By Laura K

A fall wedding invitation.

A fall wedding invitation.

How do you figure out what your invitations will look like? The first questions I ask my clients are Where is the wedding? and How formal will the wedding be?

Quite often the location alone will be a deciding factor for the look and feel of the invitations. If the wedding is at an art deco venue, then most likely the invitations should be in keeping with this style. At the same time if you are having a garden wedding the invitations should reflect this. You want to give your guests an insight into what they can expect and even how formal they should dress. Will a summer sundress be appropriate or is a cocktail dress more fitting?

You would be amazed at what the colours and fonts alone can say about your wedding. There are so many different fonts and it is just a matter of finding the right font to reflect your personalities and style. Colours can match the season, be influenced by your culture, or even something to match the venue.

The invitations I’m showing this week show how colour, fonts and design all indicate the tone of the wedding.

1.    Fall — With Orange and Green and a maple leaf in a modern design. This wedding was semi-formal.

2.    Vegas — The fonts, design, colour and wording on this invitation show it will be a fun, informal affair.


3.    Lobster What is more fitting for an East Coast wedding than lobsters! The deep red on this invitation was used to match the red dirt of PEI.


4.    Art Deco This silver invitation with art deco details and font, sets the tone perfectly for a formal and sophisticated wedding.


Think about the style of wedding you want to have and how formal it will be. This will help you decide how the invitations will look.

This article was originally published on Oct 07, 2009

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